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LMC 2019

Nordic-Baltic Security Architecture

The significance of the Baltic Sea Region to European security has increased. The military-strategic situation in the region has deteriorated and the region has become less secure. The complexity and scale of the challenges at hand means that no European state can face them alone. The need for cooperation is greater than ever. Several actors have a significant role in contributing to the security in Northern Europe, and bilateral and multilateral cooperation are corner stones in building security together. As part of this the Nordic-Baltic cooperation keeps developing. What has been done so far and what are the next steps?


Peter Hultqvist

Minister of Defence, Sweden

Artis Pabriks

Deputy Prime Minister for Comprehensive Defence, Minister of Defence of Latvia

Sven Sakkov
Sven Sakkov

Director of the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS)

Ilkka Kanerva
Ilkka Kanerva

Member of Parliament of Finland


Riina Kaljurand2
Riina Kaljurand

Ambassador of Estonia to Georgia and Armenia

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