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LMC 2021

Non Ducor, Duco: I am Not Led, I Lead

Cohesion is needed among regional neighbours as well as globally. Creating this by financing and building regional infrastructure and connectivity projects has become a new way to demonstrate to the world that, “I am not led, I lead.” In both the physical and digital domains of connectivity, trust is key. But both the Belt and Road Initiative, and the Three Seas Initiative are also political projects, intended to expand regional economic influence.


Jens Henriksson
Jens Henriksson

President and CEO, Swedbank

Sabina Jeschke
Sabina Jeschke

Scientific Senior Advisor, Deloitte and CEO, Arctic Brains AB

Kersti Kaljulaid

President of Estonia 2016-2021, global advocate of the UN Secretary-General for Every Woman Every Child

Egils Levits
Egils Levits

President of Latvia


Linas Linkevicius
Linas Linkevičius

Ambassador-at-large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania

  • What are the effects of these multiple channels of connectivity and communication between neighbours?
  • How will they impact the global economy?
  • Should we diversify supply chains, transport, and logistics?
  • How can public private partnership help to create stability through connectivity?
  • How can strategic decisions in our region be made compatible with green initiatives and the need for new energy solutions?
  • Can enhanced connectivity create stability?

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