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LMC 2021

Orta Recens, Quam Pura Nites? Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine?

President Joe Biden’s entry to White House, somewhat illogically seen as both a new beginning and a return to the good old days, produced a huge sigh of relief in Europe. But reality has rapidly hit home. Domestically, US society is extremely polarised. In foreign policy, the pivot to Asia may mean less of a focus on Europe. Among the European Allies, a recognition of the need to do more is emerging, but their trust in the US has been badly shaken.


Steve Clemons

Founding Editor at Large of Semafor

Slyvie Kaufman
Sylvie Kauffmann

Editorial Director and Foreign Affairs Columnist at Le Monde

Ulrich Speck

Senior Visiting Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Rob de Wijk
Rob de Wijk

Founder, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies


James Kirchick
James Kirchick

Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution

  • How will relations between the US and Europe evolve?
  • What does Biden’s “foreign policy for the middle class” mean for Europe?
  • What does European sovereignty mean for the US?
  • How can we avoid, as Dr Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff warns, a more sovereign Europe becoming a more closed Europe?
  • Can a new transatlantic balance be created and maintained and how much energy can the US and European Allies spare to invest in transatlantic relations?
  • How will the US midterm elections and the coming elections in Germany and France impact the state and future of transatlantic relations?

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