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LMC 2021

Middle East. Dum Spiro, Spero (Cicero): While I Breathe, I Hope

The power dynamics in the Middle East have shifted in the past year.


Kimberly Dozier

Contributor, TIME Magazine

Frank Gardner

Security Correspondent, BBC

Abdulaziz Sager
Abdulaziz Sager

Chairman, Gulf Research Center

Seyed Ali Alavi

Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS, University of London


Ali Aslan

International TV Presenter and Journalist

  • In the context of the renewed JCPOA, what will the balance of power in the region look like?
  • What cooperation formats might there be? What does declining US engagement in the region mean for Russia, China, and the EU?
  • How does Iran see its role, and how will it relate to its immediate neighbours and the US?
  • What are Saudi Arabia’s role and priorities?
  • What are the implications of developments in Afghanistan to the region?
  • Are there any grounds for optimism?