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LMC 2021

Middle East. Dum Spiro, Spero (Cicero): While I Breathe, I Hope

The power dynamics in the Middle East have shifted in the past year.


Kimberly Dozier

Senior Managing Editor of Military Times and a CNN Global Affairs Analyst

Frank Gardner

Security Correspondent, BBC

Abdulaziz Sager
Abdulaziz Sager

Chairman, Gulf Research Center

Ali Alavi

School of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics – SOAS, University of London


Ali Aslan

International TV Presenter and Journalist

  • In the context of the renewed JCPOA, what will the balance of power in the region look like?
  • What cooperation formats might there be? What does declining US engagement in the region mean for Russia, China, and the EU?
  • How does Iran see its role, and how will it relate to its immediate neighbours and the US?
  • What are Saudi Arabia’s role and priorities?
  • What are the implications of developments in Afghanistan to the region?
  • Are there any grounds for optimism?

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