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LMC 2021

Russian Civil Society and Media. Inter Malleum et Incudem – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In Russia, democracy and the independent media continue to decline.


Inna Berezkina

Programme Coordinator at the School of Civic Education

Kadri Liik
Kadri Liik

Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations

Andrei Soldatov


Ia Meurmishvili Volker

Senior Editor, Voice of America’s Georgian Service


Christian Caryl

Op-ed Editor/International, The Washington Post

Draconian laws, the blocking of websites and throttling of the internet, and the smothering of leading news outlets has put steadily growing pressure on the independent media. Confrontation with state power is deepening.

  • How might civil society react to ever more aggressive methods of central power?
  • What can journalists and media representatives do to continue their work?
  • Do the media and civil society have red lines, and what might happen if these are crossed?
  • Are there freedoms and rights that Russian civil society is ready to fight for?
  • What can the West do to help and what should not be done?

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